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Dalton Elementary School
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Jessica Abel-Pype
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Jenn Biviano
Christy Howell
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School Safety

At Dalton Elementary School, our vision is to create a community of lifelong learners where students are courteous, make safe choices, and are responsible for their learning.




School and Student Safety - A Top Priority in APS

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The Aurora Public School District actively works to enhance the safety and security of students and staff at all our locations.  The Risk Management Department works to ensure this result by: 

  •  Requiring all school sites to have evacuation and lockdown plans.
  •  Requiring all schools to drill both their evacuation and lockdown plans.
  •  Meeting at each district site to review safety and security on an annual basis.
  •  Provide training and education via tabletop and functional drills for staff members.
  •  Distributing information to students on the safe2tell hotline (http://www.safe2tell.org/), which provides students a safe place to call and discuss concerns about school issues.
  •  Working closely with the Aurora Police Department School Resource Officers (SRO)
    who are located at each middle and high school.
  •  Work with sites to determine security camera needs.
  •  Work with sites to ensure adequate two-way radio placement.
  •  Provide screening for all who volunteer at our school sites.
  •  Provide safety and security training for campus monitors and deans.
  •  Providing security officers who patrol the district.
  •  Monitoring the alarms for all buildings on a 24/7 basis.
  •  Providing Emergency Guidebook for all staff members.
  •  Participating in the Incident Response Team trained which is trained to respond at sites in emergency situations.


PTSO purchased a defibulator for our use at Dalton to assist in the event of a medical emergency involving starting the heart. Thank you to PTSO!

Page last updated on February 24, 2017

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